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Upload your Images, documents, music, and video in a single place and access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Lethean Filed.cc gets out of your way, providing the security functionality required for the secure business operations in a global economy.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Files are stored on remote SSAE-18 / SOC-2 fault tolerant systems, encrypted and redundant; deleted as per file upload settings.

Password Protected Shares

Password Protected Shares

Ensure only the people you have given access to your data can actually download or view it by setting a upload password, available on all paid plans.

BunnyCDN Final Delivery

BunnyCDN Final Delivery

Our data storage provider has a data egress deal with BunnyCDN, our last mile content delivery provider, ensuring a lighting fast transfer to an edge server near you; this makes downloads of large files as quick as snapping your fingers.


We have prices to suit many use cases; if you have specific criteria, please get in touch; if we can help your organisation's security demands, it'll be our pleasure to help your staff comuncaite effectively.


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26.00 MB Storage space
26.00 MB Size per file
Files available for 8 days
Upload 1 file at once
Password protected files
No plans available
No plans available

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Max File Size 26.00 MB / Files available for 8 days

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